Arched tent 50/10/5

Tent size: 16 by 16 meters
Area: 256 square meters

Available configurations:
Year-round / winter tent

The structure can be equipped with various wall options including double-glazed windows and entrance groups.

Powder coating of metal frame according to RAL (additional option – not included in the price)

Covering the tent made of PVC fabric of any manufacturer and color (additional option – not included in the price)

Tent configurations

We have worked out and optimized the structure of the tent for all climatic zones. We take into account the dynamic and static loads of each specific region.

Standard metal frame (no reinforcement)
PVC fabric 650 g/m2 (flammable/non-flammable)
The design is calculated:
– snow loads up to 40 kg/m2
– withstands wind flow up to 24m/s
– standard hardware

Reinforced metal frame (with additional ties)
PVC fabric 750g/m2 (flammable / non-flammable)
The design is calculated:
– snow loads up to 80kg/m2
– withstands wind flow up to 28m/s
– power hardware

Year-round / Winter
Winter power metal frame
2-layer PVC dome with 10 mm insulation, outer 750g/m2 (flammable/non-flammable)
internal 900 gr/sq. (flammable/non-flammable)
The design is calculated:
– snow loads up to 120 kg/m2
– withstands wind flow up to 32m/s
– power hardened hardware, DIN 1420

Side walls to the tent

Prices are relevant for purchase, the tent comes with a standard set of walls for rent: solid wall – 3 pcs. sliding wall – 1 pc. Branding of the walls, replacing the walls with transparent ones, changing the color of the awning are calculated separately.

Wall made of PVC fabric with a density of 650 g / m2 – or similar to the dome.
External office with reinforcement and eyelet belt. The lower part is equipped with a retractable mechanism to ensure a tight and even tension on the wall.

Sliding wall made of PVC fabric. Consists of a crescent and two sliding curtains. The curtains move along a cable mechanism and are equipped with straps with which you can completely close the wall.

Solid + door
Solid wall made of PVC with a double-glazed double-glazed door and a sandwich panel, handles, a locking lock and a door closer. The door is mounted on a special stretcher that is attached to the arch.

Stained glass with door
Stained glass glazing is an ideal solution for year-round use of the tent.
Stained glass from a plastic 6-chamber profile with a double-glazed window and a double door.

Powder coating of the structure

Powder painting of a structure is not only one of the options for decorating them, but also a reliable way of protecting against the influence of external factors.

*The cost of painting each structure is individual

Universal tent, suitable for small restaurant, banquet hall, exhibition stand and pop up sale (street trade).


*The table shows the characteristics of the basic standard configuration.

Tent shape at base: Hexagon
Size: 16x16x6m
Covered area: 256 sq.
Arches width: 7.55m
Entrance arch height: 3.5m

Metal frame: galvanized steel 20-40 mkrn
PVC awning fabric: Heytex
Fabric density: 650g/m2
Fire safety class PVC: non-flammable M2, G1/flammable
Wind load: 24m/s