Need to Relocated an Existing Modular Building?

Why relocate your modular building?
We all know that education and business requirements change and evolve over time, and as a result your accommodation needs to adapt to suit these changes.
One of the benefits of modular buildings is that they can be easily expanded, made smaller and/or be relocated to suit as your circumstances change. At Maks Company we can help you do this by offering a building relocation / transfer service.

What does this mean?

  • We can transfer your modular building to a new position on your site to free up valuable space
  • We can relocate your modular building to another site where there may be a greater need
  • We can transfer or relocate any modular building type whether it is an Maks Company building or by any other manufacturer
  • Re-using your existing accommodation saves you money and is less damaging to the environment
  • Maks Company has over 50 years of experince in delivering, installing and moving modular buildings

How does it work?

  • You contact us with your enquiry
  • We will come to your site and conduct a site survey
  • We can arrange to install new foundations and carry out all groundworks at your new building location if you require
  • Once agreed we will decomission your existing modular accommodation ready for removal
  • We then move, position and re-install your modular building on the new site
  • We make good all joints, redecorate (if agreed) and ensure that your accommodation is water tight and fit for occupation

Things to be aware of… Do you need Planning Permission?

  • Our require planning permission if your modular building is on site for more than 28 days.

Is your modular building exempt from Building Regulations? Yes your building is exempt if it’s…

  • a temporary building not on site for more than 28 days
  • a site sales office not containing sleeping accommodation
  • a construction site office not containing sleeping accommodation
  • a single storey building 30m2 floor area and 1m from the site boundary