Geodesic dome tent is a new style tent which is sprung up these years. Fastup Geodesic dome tent, the biggest space, the most light weight, time saving for install and more flexible, you can create uninhibited personality space anytime and anywhere. The dimension for geodesic dome tent are: 6m diameter, 8m diameter, 10m diameter, 12m diameter, 14m diameter, 16m diameter, 18m diameter, 20m diameter and 25m diameter. Client can customized different roof according to personal needs, the roof cover could be full white , full clear , 1/3 clear roof, 1/2 clear and 1/2 white roof.

The round shape geodesic dome tent has a large available application: event, exhibiton, car show, outdoor activity. Besides, Geodesic dome tent is a great choice for glamping (glamorous camping) than traditional camping tent. Easy to assemble and dismantle , satisfy the demand in different occasion for different people.

3D design


Dimension Available

Item No. Diameter(m) Height(m) Door size (m) Tube size(mm) Wind Load (km/h) Snow Load (Kn/m2)
GDT6 6m 3.6m Dia 2m ia 26mm 100 0.3
GDT8 8m 4.8m Dia 2m ia 26mm 100 0.3
GDT10 10m 6m Dia 2m ia 26mm 100 0.3
GDT12 12m 7.2m Dia 2m Dia 33mm 100 0.3
GDT14 14m 7m Dia 2.5m Dia 33mm 100 0.3
GDT16 16m 8m Dia 2.5m Dia 33mm 100 0.3
GDT18 18m 9m Dia 3m Dia 33mm 100 0.3
GDT20 20m 10m Dia 3m Dia 33mm 100 0.3

Material and Quality

FRAME Hard pressed anodized aluminum alloy 6061/T6
ROOF COVER 850g/sqm block-out Double PVC coated polyester, Fire retardant, Water Proof
SIDEWA 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC; Glass Pannel sidwall, ABS sidewall, Sandwich Wall
CONNECTION Hot Dip Gavanized Steel Connector, Aluminum roof connection

Structure Details

Optional Accessories