Fastup Tent Double Decker tent can give you faraway scenery in the high storey. Double decker design achieve the ultimate land values, it has doubled space than standard A frame tent. So, it is widely use for sports events as auditorium. And, as there is two levels, it is also widely used on street for events when the space is limited to give more show room, event room. The width of double decker tent can be 10m,15m 20m, 25m, and length can be any times of 5m bay.

Double Decker tent can achieve the aim that moving the building to different place, in the mean while, it is durable structure can also used as permanent building.

3D design


Dimension Available

Item No. Width (m) Bay Distance (m) Side height (m) Ridge height (m) Main frame profile(mm) Roof Pitch Wind Load (km/h) Snow Load (Kn/m2)
DDT10E/7000 12.5m 5m 7m 8.6m 255X112mm 22° 100 0.3
DDT15E/7000 15m 5m 7m 9.3m 255X112mm 22° 100 0.3
DDT20E/7000 22.5m 5m 7m 10.2m 340X170mm 22° 100 0.3

Material and Quality

FRAME Hard pressed anodized aluminum alloy 6061/T6
ROOF COVER 850g/sqm block-out Double PVC coated polyester, Fire retardant, Water Proof
SIDEWA 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC; Glass Pannel sidwall, ABS sidewall, Sandwich Wall
CONNECTION Hot Dip Gavanized Steel Connector, Aluminum roof connection

Structure Details

Optional Accessories