Rationally speaking, cleaning services result in cleanliness. Emotionally speaking, they contribute to the comfort of building users. Our portfolio includes the whole range of professional cleaning services. We develop a unique concept based on the needs of each client and carefully adapt our services to meet individual requirements. Services not only maintain high levels of quality but also achieve the best possible cost efficiency.

We ensure that the products and cleaning machinery used are easy on surface materials and environmentally compatible. Where existing products do not come up to the exacting standards we apply, new products are developed in cooperation with our suppliers.

1. Technical Operations

2. Consulting and Concepts

2. Consulting and Concepts

3. Refrigeration & Airconditioning

1. Interior Cleaning

2. Exterior Cleaning

3. Industrial Cleaning

4. Clean Room Cleaning

5. Hygiene Cleaning

6. Transportation Cleaning

1. Catering for Children

2. Catering for Students

3. Staff Catering

4. Catering for Patients

5. Catering for Seniors

6. Catering for Everyone