Healthcare Experience
Maks Company is a trusted partner to the healthcare sector providing innovative, high quality rental solutions, clearly focused on meeting the needs of customers. We have significant experience of providing for a range of healthcare needs including hospital wards, health/medical centres, operating theatres, outpatients clinics, medical research centres, care/nursing homes and a range of other ancillary accommodation needs.

Maks Company is fully conversant with the requirements and need to comply with the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) and Health Building Notes (HBN) on healthcare projects. Our track record includes a range of diverse buildings for a multitude of healthcare applications.

We are committed to ensuring absolute health and safety is achieved on all of our healthcare projects. We are particularly aware of the sensitivities required where we are constructing buildings on live and operational healthcare facility sites.

The Rental Solution
With around two thirds of England’s major A&Es having missed their waiting time targets in the 20-week period to end March, hospitals frequently require access to better facilities to tackle the issue.

Kamran Managing Director at Maks Company, looks at why a rentable building solution could provide the answer.

“With the target of seeing 95% of patients in four hours remaining a key target for hospitals, we set about developing a solution that would help NHS Trusts increase estate capacity in a cost effective way and which could be deployed within weeks.“

Cost effective
Hospitals that choose one of our rentable modular buildings find that they are able to integrate seamlessly with their existing estates. A cost analysis also shows that it is a fraction of the equivalent operational cost of a permanent building.

A typical rentable solution we provide would be separate male and female wards designed to meet HBN and HTM requirements. These layouts usually incorporate an 8 bed ward split into 2 x 4 bed bays 13 bed ward split into 3 x 4 bed bays and one single en-suite room, which are fully supported by dirty/clean utility, nurse station and storage areas. They have the ability to incorporate medical gasses, fully equipped shower rooms and toilets as well as all finishes being approved by infection prevention teams.

Being a modular solution allows a wide variety of sizes and layouts to be installed and handed over within 8 weeks, from completion of foundations. Increasing capacity in this way can help with a variety of issues in a modern hospital environment ranging from alleviating surge and admission pressures, refurbishment or upgrade works, through to department expansions and hospital moves.

Outpatient blocks

As part of our rentable building solutions we offer a modular outpatient block that can be utilised as a standalone medical health centre. Again available on flexible rentable terms it incorporates consulting rooms, treatment rooms and offices based around a standard reception and utility area.

One of its many benefits is that it can be used as a pre-assessment building for A&E or as a temporary GP surgery. In fact, whatever the requirement facing a particular hospital, it can be deployed and ready for use in weeks and is again extendable to accommodate even the largest of GP surgeries.

Another addition to our rentable solutions is Day Care blocks, which are useful for hospital departments operating or performing procedures on patients under sedation. These blocks can be used for smaller ward blocks or as resuscitation bays for minor or major procedures. In many cases they are used to support Endoscopy and theatre services, or with minor alterations for Phlebotomy, Chemotherapy and renal therapies.

As pressure continues to grow around waiting time targets, a modular rentable solution offers hospitals a timely and cost effective way forward. Their design has advanced significantly in recent years and they are now indistinguishable from permanent buildings, yet offer greater flexibility when needing to upsize or downsize.”