Wedding planning and conducting

Place of registration
You can choose any place, and we will take care of that.

Wedding Scenario
Every moment of the wedding day we will fill with events that will be remembered for you and your guests for many years.

Photo and video
Our photographers and cameramen will imprint every second of this precious day for you.

Decor Wedding
We offer a uniform stylistic solution to the whole celebration, from invitations to the design of the venue.

DJ for the wedding
Sound design: the whole day you will be accompanied by specially selected musical compositions and professional DJ.

Artists for the wedding
Organization of performances of artists at your wedding, musicians, showemens, magicians, dancers, vocalists and artists of different genres

Light effects and plasma screenshots
We correctly identify and map out all the important points of this joyful day. Demonstration of photos and videos you can take on our large screens.

You inspire us and we are ready to offer you the best! You are waited by the perfect day.