The services

Outside registration


For connoisseurs of special excitement and extravagant natures, the team of professionals Maks events, with pleasure will offer a fashionable solution of the wedding celebration – an exit registration, which can be organized in any place you like.

Outgoing wedding is always beautiful, stylish, solemn, touching, individual and unforgettable! The Maks events team will give you a holiday of tenderness and romance!

Decor of the event

Stylish holiday makes details, this is especially true for wedding ceremonies, so our team pays so much attention to decorating and decoration.
Interior and decor is, above all, a story about you. According to your wishes and feelings, we will choose the right color scale, choose a style that emphasizes your personality, add functionality and uniqueness of every detail.

The team of professionals Maks events with the help of properly selected decor will create for you a beautiful, elegant wedding in which everything will be combined: strict minimalism and luxury, airy tenderness and deep feelings, playful craziness and winding drive, touching sincerity and extravagance of forms, refinement of colors and refinement details.

Maks events is a team of people who are not indifferent to everything first-class!

Artists of different genres

Drawing up an art program of the event and inviting artists of different genres. We will complete the program with bright and effective performances by artists. Musicians, performers, showmen, acrobats and unusual characters.

We will offer you artists for every taste and budget. Your guests will be delighted.

Rental of equipment for exhibitions, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, presentations

Screens for displaying videos and photos

42 “LCD panels, FULL HD image format with a complete set of switching equipment for solving various tasks on video transmission, presentations, entertainment events, etc.

Floor / table racks
the ability to connect via HDMI / VGA interface implementation of broadcasting with the Ipad. Installation / delivery / maintenance.

Light Effects

To date, such concepts as light design and light design represent an integral part of any solemn event.

Using innovative achievements in lighting, the team of professionals Maks events will find stylish, effective, unusual, bright light solutions for the design of your wedding ceremony.
Refreshment is the prose of the holiday, lighting is its poetry!

Audio equipment

Sound design is the heart of a wedding celebration. Our company appreciates the quality, purity, fullness and richness of the sound, so the Maks events team professionally approaches the selection of sound sets.

The success of the wedding ceremony depends on the quality of the selected equipment. We want your holiday to be accompanied by a high-quality, luxurious, ideal musical design.