Complaints and suggestions

    Dear customer, please note that suggestions, wishes and comments shared by each one of you, are very important to us.

    Please familiarize yourself with following rules before sending inquiry:

    The inquiry should be written in a clear and coherence sentences.Please follow ethic in your inquiry.Your inquiry will not be responded in case of using impolite language or not providing accurate personal data.Anonymous inquiries are not accepted and reviewed.

    — The review process —
    The inquiries are reviewed under the under the rules of ethical behaviour, explanations and consultations are given and meeting are assigned depending on the nature of inquiries.

    — Responding period for inquiries —
    The inquiries are responded not late than 15 working days; in case of required additional investigations can it be prolonged to 30 working days.

    Next step to protest a respond to the inquiry
    If the customer is not satisfied with the provided respond, he/she can apply to the courts or the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FIMSA) as a next step:

    Baku, AZ1000, Azerbaijan. Alaskar Gaibov 12