Cleaning Services: Environmentally Compatible and Cost-Effective
Maintaining the Value of Real Estate
Rationally speaking, cleaning services result in cleanliness. Emotionally speaking, they contribute to the comfort of building users. Our portfolio includes the whole range of professional cleaning services. We develop a unique concept based on the needs of each client and carefully adapt our services to meet individual requirements. Services not only maintain high levels of quality but also achieve the best possible cost efficiency.

We ensure that the products and cleaning machinery used are easy on surface materials and environmentally compatible. Where existing products do not come up to the exacting standards we apply, new products are developed in cooperation with our suppliers. The result is innovative cleaning services which play a significant role in maintaining the value of your property.

Integrated quality management ensures reliability, engenders mutual trust and supports good cooperation. You benefit from over 50 years experience in cleaning services.

We would be happy to discuss the details of a cleaning concept for your individual needs. Send us an email or call us.

Maks Ecosystem
The Maks Ecosystem is our commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability. And that applies to all of our services worldwide.

DS Labeling
Simple and Safe
Our cleaning products carry our own labeling. This makes application both simple and safe. All products fulfill the norms prescribed by legislation.

1. Interior Cleaning

Maintaining the Value of Real Estate
We have developed modern procedures and techniques for interior cleaning operations which help us to work faster, more efficiently and more safely. By using cleaning materials made of microfiber, we can deploy a one-step procedure and increase productivity by 30%. Mop covers with thermally treated fibers reduce cleaning time for slip-free tiles. And dosage equipment ensures that cleaning products are used effectively and economically. To make the cleaning process easier, we use prepared mop covers and apply our simple but effective 4-color system. Our cleaning products carry our own label and site managers adjust cleaning machines to the individual needs of the floor surface.

But that’s not all. Our cleaning products and machines are easy on surfaces and the environment. Products are 99% biodegradable and comply with the strict requirements of environmental labeling.

If you would like to learn more about Dussmann Service interior cleaning, call us or write us an email. We would be happy to be of service.

An Overview of Our Services

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Deep cleaning and care of floors
  • Surface sealing
  • Parquet renovation
  • Parquet renovation
  • Crystallization of stone floors
  • Reactive finishing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Special services
  • Computer cleaning
  • Waste disposal

2. Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning
Comprehensive and Thorough
Grounds maintenance services go beyond cleaning tasks. Gardening and maintenance of grounds, exterior structures and car parks contribute substantially to on-site safety. We empty garbage containers regularly and in winter we keep paths and transit areas free from snow and ice.

In cleaning and care of facades, we deploy modern methodology. For example, brick and natural stone facades can be protected against rain, drain water and condensation through water-repellant treatment which significantly reduces the absorbent qualities of materials. We remove graffiti through abrasion, chemical treatment or using dry ice. We can also prepare surfaces with a coating to make the removal much simpler.

We would be happy to prepare a proposal for you exterior cleaning. From gardening to facade care. Call us or contact us by email.

An overview of our services

  • Maintenance gardening
  • Lawn mowing
  • Trimming and hedging
  • Weeding
  • Path and car park cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Facade cleaning and care
  • Removal of algae, moss and mold
  • Water-resistant treatment
  • Graffiti removal

3. Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning
Qualified Personnel
Initial and Further Training

Well-qualified personnel is a high priority. We provide a broad program of initial and further training courses on a wide range of subjects at our own training center.

Professional and Effective

Cleaning industrial equipment and production facilities requires specialist knowledge. The objective of industrial cleaning is to maintain the working order of machines and systems and to extend their functional life.

We prepare clear procedural guidelines and job instructions for each contract and deploy both traditional and newly developed methods in combination with optimum cleaning products for the job.

Individual quality requirements are fulfilled with flexibility and professionalism and our work is fully and intelligibly documented. Individual work processes are coordinated to create synergies which result in further cost efficacy for our clients.

Our industrial cleaning specialists would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Call us or contact us by email.

An overview of our services

  • Cleaning for industrial systems and equipment
  • Cleaning of photovoltaic systems
  • Manual cleaning services
  • Low pressure cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Disinfection

4. Clean Room Cleaning

Professional and Competent

Clean-room cleaning requires specialist knowledge in order to fulfill the strict requirements of the various clean-room classifications in addition to international quality and hygiene standards.

Over and above legal requirements, we follow the site-specific guidelines of each individual client. This may concern the cleaning frequency, specific cleaning methodology, products or measurement of airborne particles in accordance with classification.

Our clean-room operatives are well-qualified and trained in topics such as conduct in clean-rooms and air locks, clothing regulations, specific work processes, documentation, GMP and health & safety.

Our specialists have experience in clean-rooms for a number of sectors and are familiar with the various requirements. From the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries to aerospace technology and medical facilities.

If you would like to learn more about clean-room cleaning from Dussmann Service, call us or send us an email.

An overview of our services

  • Clean-room cleaning
  • Clean-room clothing management
  • Laundry
  • Training of own and external personnel (VDI 2083)

5. Hygiene Cleaning

Maintaining the Value of Real Estate
We have developed a concept for hygiene cleaning – 360° Hygiene. This holistic approach offers hospitals, other medical facilities and food processing operations reliable hygiene and all of the factors which influence hygiene are integrated into a system. One component is the cleaning and disinfection plan which we prepare in cooperation with each individual client.

Our PROTECTcleaning trolleys store cleaning products safely during cleaning operations making them inaccessible to passers-by. Automatic dosage systems guarantee that cleaning chemicals are always meticulously dosed and programmed to the individual needs of your operation.

Hygiene cleaning services include laundry, patient bed preparation and surgical sterilization. International know-how transfer enables us to offer very high standards of service world wide.

Contact us. We would be happy to take on all of the tasks necessary to ensure reliable hygiene at your facility.

An overview of our services

  • Preparation of a cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Hygienic maintenance cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Special waste disposal
  • Hygienic laundry
  • Patient bed preparation
  • Surgical sterilization

6. Transportation Cleaning

Speed and Availability
In transportation cleaning, speed, flexibility and availability are central issues.

Whether we are cleaning buses, rail carriages or planes, we make specially trained personnel available around the clock: In train cleaning operations, an operative may ride the trains to deal with incidents providing reactive cleaning; plane cleaning often involves acquiring security clearance for our workforce; and in some of our bus cleaning operations, personnel need a bus driving license to refuel buses after cleaning.

Cleaning equipment and products are subject to special requirements: these include electrical trolleys, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, biodegradable graffiti remover and heavy duty equipment to wash exteriors.

In quality assurance, we work with RFID codes which document completion of work. This facilitates immediate online communication about the availability of vehicles.

We would be happy to prepare an individual proposal for transportation cleaning. Contact us by email or telephone.

An overview of our services

  • Reactive cleaning services
  • Daily maintenance cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning deep cleaning
  • Cleaning of vehicle/ carriage exteriors
  • Cleaning of parking lot/ depot
  • Emptying and disinfection of on-board WCs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pest control