Container pools

Ibreglass swimming pools have been in production for many decades and there are distinct advantages to owning one.


Fibreglass pools have a high flexibility strength and never deteriorates resulting in a finish that lasts a lifetime.

They never have to drained for acid washing, re-marciting, re-plastering or painting, you just have FUN.


The colour is moulded into the product, giving it a smooth and durable finish.

With a smooth and nonporous surface, algae have nothing to attach to, making cleaning your pool 90% easier and therefore requiring less chemicals and time


No more skinned knees, torn or snagged bathing suits.

Less chemicals means it it a safer environment for people
Safety ledge around parameter of pool ensures children will always have a place to stand

Through the child-safety door leads wide wooden stairs up to a landing that allows for easy access into the swimming pool.

The filtration system lives below the stairs and deck with some extra storage space.

Smooth finish that is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colours to choose from.