Our objective is to refit, reuse, recycle, reconfigure, and rethink the way our customers use our products and services to support their environmental sustainability objectives.

Maks Company is the leading supplier of building systems throughout the caucasus region and we have a significant direct impact upon the environment as a result of operational activities.

  • We therefore need to manage waste, energy and water consumption, procurement of goods and services, and the transport of goods and people.
  • The company recognises it has a duty to help protect the environment for both the present and the future.
  • This Duty of Care is actively endorsed by Maks Company and is embodied in a company wide commitment to ensure any environmental impact is minimised.
  • In striving for environmental excellence we are committed to continual environmental improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Through close contact with national government departments, industry regulators and trade associations we aim to be at the forefront of legislative developments.
  • Our processes will continue to develop with the aid of working practices to meet both our legal and social obligations.

We will actively promote the Principle of Sustainable Development through the following measures: The intention of Maks Company is to minimise its affects on the Ecology of an area impacted by our operations and, where possible, to encourage an increase in bio-diversity and the positive relationships within the eco-system.