Portable four bay urinal

The Maks Company four bay portable urinal unit is a revolutionary product, providing temporary toilet facilities to help to overcome the unpleasant problems associated with male street urination, particularly during late evenings after pub closing time. They are also perfect for a variety of occasions, including festivals and sporting events with large crowds as well as on construction sites.

Portable urinals can be hired throughout the Caucasus region from an Maks hire centre.

Product Overview

  • Four bay male urinal unit
  • Cost effective method of reducing the need for street cleansing
  • Provided ready for use
  • No mains services required
  • Proven results in Westminster, Hammersmith and other councils across the country
  • Will hold up to 400 litres of waste
  • Waste is removed as part of your loo hire contract
  • Ideal for male use at concerts, festivals and sporting events with large crowds

Urinal Specification

  • Capacity: 450 L
  • Height: 200cm
  • Reinforced Base: 115cm x 115cm
  • Weight: 85 kgs
  • Mains Waste Outlet: 1in / 2.5cm