Containex® Crowd Control

Maks Company understands the importance of managing crowds for both the safety of the public and your employees. Containex® provides you with a facility that helps you create the perfect infrastructure to satisfy this.

We offer a range of Containex® buildings to assist with the control and management of crowds and people traffic which includes turnstile entry gatehouses and multi windowed ticket offices.

Our Containex® ticket offices are available in a range of sizes to suit everything from a large sporting event to a small local show. Glazed windows can be fitted to both of the longest sides or to just one side, whichever best suits your requirements. This allows several people to be served at once, offering a smoother service and reduced queuing time.

Each window is fitted with a speak hole for the security and comfort of the ticket office staff.

A range of portable cabin accessories and value added products are also available. Click here for more information.

To read more about our Containex® product please refer to our Hire Product Guide.