Containex® Modular Buildings To Buy

Containex® is a leading-edge volumetric building solution available for you to Buy or Rent, with the ability to encompass large and varied glazing options and pitched roofs, maximising architectural appearance and helping you to satisfy planning requirements. Progress® can also be supplemented with a wide range of sustainable and eco friendly options.

  • Easily relocatable and adaptable
  • Bespoke designed offices to meet your own requirements
  • Futuristic architectural appearance
  • Multi-storey capability
  • Eco features
  • Pitched roof options available
  • 50 year design life
  • Meets all relevant regulations
  • Capable of achieving BREEAM excellent

With an Maks Containex® solution you also benefit from…

  • Cost certainty – cost effectiveness coupled with financial transparency and no hidden costs
  • Service – Maintenance solutions for both your Elliott building and existing facilities
  • Programme – rapid deployment, installation and practical completion compared with traditional systems
  • Minimal disruption – the disruption to your business during the installation and duration of the site works is minimal
  • Flexibility – your building can grow and adapt over time to suit the needs of your business
  • Quality – comparable or improved quality compared with traditional systems
  • Sustainability – environmentally considerate with reduced life cycle costing
  • Longevity – 50 year design life as a minimum
  • Warranty – ongoing commitment through market leading warranties for peace of mind

Containex® is a modern flexible volumetric building system designed to provide the end user with a high quality environment, incorporating a variety of large glazing options enhancing natural daylight, decked terracing and an array of other outstanding features.

This modular solution also offers huge flexibility allowing ease of expansion as your business grows and develops. Additional modules can be added in any configuration – outwards or upwards. Containex® can be further enhanced with the inclusion of a whole range of additional options and features designed to optimise your working environment. These can include large glazing, eco friendly features, canopies, kitchens, sun screens, etc as well as the ability to personalise your building with vinyl wraps allowing your Progress® building to stand out from your competition or blend into the surrounding environment.