Vertical press “Ажур-7”

Hydraulic forging press “Ажур-7” with a force of 80 tf, for hot forging of products from ferrous metals.


Hydraulic vertical press Ажур-7 is designed for hot stamping (forging) of products from ferrous metals, the manufacture of decorative items

from sheet metal up to 1.5 mm thick, by punching and subsequent molding.

The capabilities of the hydraulic vertical press “Ажур-7” allow:
• to make goose feet from bars of square and round section up to 40 mm;

• to make peaks from bars of square and round section from 8 to 40 mm;

• to crimp the edges of a square bar from 8 to 40 mm;

• to produce decorative crimping of a square and round bar from 8 to 22 mm and a standard plane of 40-60 mm.

Hydraulics on the vertical press “Ажур-7” is located below, which eliminates the ingress of oil on hot workpieces during the forging process.

Power consumption 5.5 kW
Performance 2-3 seconds per element
Payback from 1 month
Warranty 12 months

Elements made on the machine