Rolling machine “АЖУР-2”

Rolling machine АЖУР-2, with the help of which it is possible to apply a pattern to blanks without heating.


“АЖУР-2” is a rolling machine with which you can apply a pattern on blanks made of ferrous or non-ferrous metal without heating. “АЖУР-2” is equipped with an adjustable gear stand, which improves the quality of rolled products due to the elimination of slipping of the knurling rollers, expanding the technological capabilities of the equipment.

Rolling machine “АЖУР-2” allows you to:

• reinforce the profile pipe with a section of 10×10 – 25×25 mm;

• to apply a relief on a profile pipe with a section of 10×10-40×40 mm, a bar of square and round section of 10-20 mm and a standard strip of 20-60 cm;

• to crimp the edges of a profile pipe with a section of 10×10 mm and 40×40 mm, a square bar of 10-16 mm, as well as a standard strip of 40 mm.

Power consumption 3 kW 220/380V
Capacity up to 4.5 m/min
Payback from 1 month
Warranty 1 year

Elements made on the machine