Machine for making railings “Ажур-8М”

“Ажур-8М” – a multifunctional machine for the manufacture of handrails and strips 6×12 mm. It is also possible to apply a relief pattern to the handrail, and the resulting strip is widely used for the production of forging elements.


Multifunctional machine “AZHUR-8M” allows you to:

• to produce a handrail from a VGP pipe with a cross section of up to 42 mm

• apply a relief pattern to the handrail

• to make a strip with a section of 6×12 mm from a round bar of 10 mm

• Apply invoice on a standard strip 4×40 mm

Power consumption 3kW 220/380V
Capacity up to 5.5 m/min
Payback from 1 month
Warranty 1 year

Elements made on the machine