Thermal stripping plants (drill cuttings processing)

The leading specialists of our company have many years of international experience in the design, production, commissioning, service and round-the-clock technical support of thermal desorption plants of various modifications and capacities. We offer the production of plants of the required performance to order, long-term rental options are also possible with the provision of our specialists.

It is worth noting that the equipment developed by us includes unique technical solutions, already tested by experience and protected by a patent. Due to the multiple increase in the reliability and wear resistance of the augers moving in the reactor, compared with foreign counterparts, the time and overall costs of the processing of sludge are reduced.

Compact modular design in standard dimensions allows you to transport the unit by road and deploy it within 2-3 days. The reactor is heated and the diesel generator is powered by the hydrocarbon components separated during cleaning, which ensures high autonomy. Equipping with a granulation module allows you to get solid briquettes of various sizes at the output, which allows you to use them effectively in road construction, and also reduces general environmental pollution, for example, during marine disposal of purified solid fraction.