Self powered welfare facilities

Self contained welfare units

Maks Company Evolution range provides the perfect solution to portable welfare facilities and is purposely designed to alleviate the problem of working on a green field site where there is no mains electricity, water or drainage.

Facilities available dependent on particular model include:

  • Generator for electric heating, cabin lighting and appliances is powered by either LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or diesel
  • Generator will automatically start when lights, heating or appliances are switched on
  • Toilet and washing facilities with running water
  • Traditional porcelain wc sanitary ware
  • Includes canteen facilities for 8 people
  • Complete with changing room with hat & coat hooks and heaters
  • Contains effluent tank – we even empty the contents for you
  • Instantaneous electric kettle for hot drinks
  • Ideal for remote locations where no mains services are provided
  • All steel construction to increase security and deter theft and vandalism
  • A range of portable cabin accessories and value added products are also available. Click here for more information including financial packages to manage the use of the generator to your Maks Company Evolution welfare.


  • The Evolution 20 has been developed for use by one or two workers.
  • Electricity is provided by an integral super silenced generator powered by LPG giving electric lights, heating and power sockets.
  • Evolution 20 is ideal for use as an office or meeting room.
  • A flushing toilet and wash hand basin in porcelain sanitary ware are provided in a separate compartment.
  • Waste water and effluent are stored in an integral steel waste tank that we can arrange to empty for you.


  • The Evolution 26 comprises of flushing toilets, canteen with fixed tables and seats for 8 people and changing room complete with coat hooks.
  • The canteen includes a kitchen area with a fresh water facility and a built in electric kettle supplying instant hot water for drinks.
  • Hot and cold running water are provided.
  • Separate compartments are provided for generator and gas bottles (LPG version only). Electric heating and lighting throughout.
  • Waste water and effluent is held in a steel tank that we empty for you.


  • The Maks Company Hire Evolution 32 has all the features of Evolution 26 but with the added benefit of a separate office that gives ample space for a Site
  • Manager to complete their paperwork in private.
  • The compartment has a ready built work surface that can be used in a flat position as a desk or at an angle as a drawing slope.
  • A two drawer filing cabinet is provided to enable documents to be filed tidily and securely.
  • The area has sliding windows to provide natural light in addition to the electric ceiling light.
  • An electric fan heater is provided to give warmth during cooler months and create a pleasant working environment.
  • A notice board is also provided. Steel window shutters are fitted externally as protection against theft and vandalism.
  • Alternatively, this area could be used for storage.
  • To read more about our most popular Self Powered Units (including layouts, sizes and weights) please refer to pages 50 – 52 of our Hire Product Guide.

Evolution mobile welfare unit

The Maks Company mobile welfare unit range offers an ideal portable solution when working on a remote site where there is no electricity, water or drainage system. MaksCompany mobile welfare unit hire is available nationwide, meaning whatever your specific requirements, there is a suitable welfare unit close by.

All of Maks Company Hire mobile welfare units are self-powered and self-sufficient, with electric heating and lighting provided by a generator that is powered through LPG or diesel. The units can provide facilities for six people and are fitted with seating, tables and separate toilet facilities, including a wash hand basin as standard. Other options include energy saving, anti-vandal with ceramic flushing toilet, or hydraulic lowering and retractable wheels.

Maks Company mobile welfare units provide the perfect facilities for workers on the move and can be easily towed and unhitched from a vehicle within minutes and ready for use on your site.

A range of portable cabin accessories and value added products are also available. Click here for more information including financial packages to manage the use of the generator to your Maks Evolution welfare.

Mobile welfare pod (diesel)

The Maks Company Evolution Mobile Welfare Pod, provides the comfort of a ceramic flushing toilet and convenience of a changing room in this 6 person, self powered mobile welfare unit.

This mobile welfare facility can easily be towed allowing instant welfare facilities to be provided for workers moving around on a large site. The Anti-Vandal design and security features are enhanced with its safe and secure kneel down axle system and retractable drawbar.

Our Evolution Mobile Welfare Pod includes:

  • Water tank 80 ltr
  • Effluent tank 100 ltr
  • Fuel tank 25 ltr diesel
  • Generator 5.9 KVA
  • Generator powered (included)
  • HSE compliant
  • Anti-Vandal 12’6” x 7′ towable
  • Canteen area for 6 people
  • Ceramic flushing toilet
  • Changing room
  • Silenced generator
  • Integral water tank
  • Integral effluent tank