Anti blast & fire rated

Anti blast portable buildings

Explosion resistant buildings for hazardous environments.

The Anti-Blast range of buildings has been introduced to provide protection to your staff in areas of potential explosion.

Launched initially for use in Petrochemical sites but now available to all C.O.M.A.H. locations. The buildings are constructed to rigorous standards and provide a target level of protection of 1% vulnerability.

The Anti-Blast range is generally manufactured to withstand 100Mba free field overpressure with 200Mba reflective overpressure on any face. The pulse duration used is 100m sec.

We also supply a fire rate unit to withstand 300mba FFOP that is also fire rated and toxic refuges.

Certification of the design has been provided by an independent industry specialist.

The range includes offices, canteens, changing rooms, W.C. blocks and showers. Units are provided either individually or linked, via specially constructed connecting linkway.

Maks Company Hire Anti-Blast portable buildings are also often referred to as:

  • Explosion resistant portable buildings
  • Blast proof portable buildings
  • Blast resistant portable buildings

Fire rated portable buildings

Fire rating is a complex issue and we would urge you to discuss your requirements with us so that you can be sure you have the correct type of building for your needs.

Fire rated units are designed, manufactured and independently tested to meet The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection From Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation

Units come complete with lighting, heating and power sockets
Steel window shutters as standard for extra protection against fire and vandalism
Available in 2 sizes 7.2m x 2.7m (24’x9′) and 9.6m x 3m (32’x10′)
Available in open plan office or mess room combinations.