Jackpad® cabin foundations

Hire an Maks Company building…hire the foundations as well.

The Jackpad® is a quick, simple and affordable portable foundation system for all modular and timber buildings. Providing suitable ground bearing capacity is achieved, a single Jackpad® position can support up to 48kn.

The system has the capacity to support greater loads by introducing double and quadruple adjusters. By using incremental packers the system can overcome fall of ground with ease, and the 60mm of adjustment on the 42mm thread allows for precision adjustment

LANTAC accredited – approved by Building Control
Small, light and portable for easy re-positioning – all elements are within manual handling regulations
Made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable
Reduces time on site and can be set out as modules are being installed – in all weathers
No ground or remedial works required in most instances. This leaves playgrounds, car parks etc. undamaged and immediately ready to return to their intended us
Tidy, uniform appearance
Infinitely height adjustable. Ability to overcome excessive fall in levels
Fully calculated by an independent structural engineer
Commercially competitive for permanent and temporary buildings
Easy installation on all Maks Company buildings