Hubba communications

Hubba 4G Telecommunications – Instant Solution providing PC Connection & Landline Phone – No Matter Where You Are!

The Hubba 4G broadband simply plugs into your mains supply and delivers high speed braodband within minutes. Ideal for temporary offices, temporary back-up solutions for failed broadband and telephone connections, disaster recovery and rural locations.

  • An Maks Company bespoke and branded communication “Hubba unit”
  • A land line hand set (with your unique land line telephone number)
  • The correct cables with simple instructions to complete the installation
  • A dedicated customer service line to help you at all times
  • Installation takes 5 minutes

Hubba 4G Communication can provide more than 5X faster download speed than 3G.

Through a 4G sim card permanently installed in the Hubba communication unit the 4G Hubba provides connectivity in a number of different configurations.

  • 1 telephone (optional) and 1 wired PC
  • 1 telephone (optional) + wireless access for a maximum of 4 laptops
  • 1 PC and 3 wireless laptops
  • A postcode check will be completed prior to despatch. In poor signal areas an external aerial will be provided.