Toilet/household soap

Toilet soap is a traditionally popular body hygiene product. The word ‘toilet” literally means “cleaning”’. And that is really so: the components comprised in quality soap provide effective cleaning skin from impurities. Soap is produced in two forms – it can be solid (bar) or liquid. We, the company Maks sell bar soap.

Soap manufactured is based on so called “fat composition”, i.e. synthetic and natural fatty acids of vegetable or animal origin. To improve consumer performance of products some bleaching, softening, wetting, antiseptic and other additives, as well as other healthy for human’s skin components, are introduced in soap. Vegetable extracts added to soaps, have antibacterial characteristics, they are beneficial to skin, provide for its regeneration, and prevent allergic reactions. Fragrance compositions have aromatizing effect.

Quality toilet soap has to be chosen onlyfrom the manufacturers who gained splendid reputation in the detergent market and observe all needed requirements to these products. Maks Company, the company that has successfully worked in this branch since 1995, offers wholesale own toilet soaps formulated by unique recipes.

Toilet soap Vega “with fresh perfume”(wrapped or unwrapped)
Toilet soap Vega “with strawberry perfume”(wrapped or unwrapped)

Toilet soap Vega “with peach perfume”(wrapped or unwrapped)

Bath soap Vega (wrapped or unwrapped)

Baby soap Vega (wrapped or unwrapped)

6. Household (laundry) soap 65%, 72% (wrapped or unwrapped)
7. Household soap flakes 65%, 72%
8. Household soap granules 65%, 72%
  • Large-scale output of products, weight of a bar 100 and 200 g.
  • Production of soap bars with bar weight 50, 75, 90 and 150 g is possible
  • On customer’s demand, soap products can be wrapped in Flow-pack, Eco-pack and in paper board.

Bar soap Vega is produced in accordance with GOST 28546-2002 which specifies high requirements to this product.
Having researched different component combinations we found a unique recipe of soap composition, meeting the most important requirements for the products. The optimum contents of natural fatty acid salts; glycerin softening and wetting your skin; an agreeable perfume composition – all this makes our soap a high quality and much-needed product.
Our bar soap has no allergic action, is suitable for all types of skin, forms an agreeable rich foam at soaping, with leaving on skin a subtle perfume after its use.
We offer a wide range of various Vega soaps: Tsvetochnoye, Zemlyanichnoye, Persik, Bannoye. Baby soap Detskoye is ideally suitable for kids’ skin, it does not irritate the skin for it contains no dyes.