Toilet cabin Universal

Toilet wagon “Universal” model of 2014, made of high quality impact-resistant polyethylene, with a density of 300 kg / cm³, which is highly resistant to UV radiation.

The cabin is equipped with a single-layer front panel (door + arch) with ribs of increased rigidity. High strength hinges mounted on steel rivets.

• internal valve
• hinges for the lock,
• hook for clothes.

– unassembled – 1.3 m3
– in assembled form – 2.8 m3

Advantages and features of the model:
• The reinforced front panel is not made of aluminum, but of a steel frame
• The increased strength of the cab door fastening is ensured by the increased number of high-strength hinges and steel rivets.
• The cab tray is treated with water-repellent impregnation, which can significantly extend the life of the cab.
• Geometric exact lines of walls with a clear pattern and a triangular transparent light roof give originality to the cabin design.

This model can be used as:
• office space for the attendants of toilet cabins;
• premises for household equipment in the country;
• use as a room for portable or peat dry closets;
• country toilet installed on a cesspool;

Toilet wagon “Universal” is supplied under a 2-year warranty.