Toilet cabin Universal

The design includes:
• Single-layer front panel (arch, door) on a metal frame with stiffeners;
• Side panels have an original pattern;
• Hinges on steel rivets;
• Translucent roof;
• Wooden pallet with anti-slip mat, impregnated with a moisture repellent.

• Valve;
• Doorstop;
• Padlock eyes
• Hook for clothes

• height: 220 sm
• width: 110 sm
• length: 120 sm

Where is the cab used?
• To place portable dry closets;
• Instead of being built for installation above a cesspool;
• As a warehouse for the storage of country equipment

Advantages and features of the model:
— Design —
We know how important decor is, so we came up with a new, more elegant texture of the plastic surface. Popular colors are blue / green.

— Reliability —
Polyethylene can withstand loads up to 300 kg / sm

— Durability —
Plastic withstands chemical treatment, the pallet withstand moisture, and the roof of the cab with rainfall and sunshine.

The manufacturer has a warranty period of 5 years