Shower stall

Summer, country shower. Mobile shower.

The model is equipped with a plastic shower tray and a water tank, based on it is high density polyethylene. The tank is equipped with a thermal heater, which heats up all 200 liters of water in the tank in 30-40 minutes. The package also includes a shower head and a siphon for draining water.

Lack of water supply will not cause inconvenience, as well as interruptions in electricity – the water warms up due to sunlight.
It does not take a lot of electricity to heat, the heater consumes only 1.5 kW.

It does not require arrangement, the work of a master and expectations – you buy a ready-made shower system.

Advantages and features of the model:
• tanks for 150 and 200 liters;
• network voltage 220 V, power consumption 1.5 kW;
• shackles for the castle;
• coat hooks;
• shower head;