Shower stall

The design includes:
• Single-layer front panel (arch, door) on a metal frame with stiffeners;
• Side panels have an original pattern;
• Hinges on steel rivets;
• Translucent roof;
• 200 liter heated tank;
• Plastic shower tray

• Hook for clothes;
• Valve;
• Doorstop;
• Padlock eyes;
• Shower – watering can;
• Siphon for draining water;

• height: 225 sm
• width: 110 sm
• length: 120 sm

Advantages and features of the model:

— Easy —
It is enough to fill the tank with water and heat it. On hot days, naturally, using the sun, on cooler days, with an integrated electric heater.

— Quickly —
With an active heating element, the water becomes warm in about an hour, the tank completely warms up in 3-3.5 hours to a temperature of 60 degrees.

— Economically —
The heating element has a power of 2 kW, the cost of electricity for its use is small.

— Design —
We know how important decor is, so we came up with a new, more elegant texture of the plastic surface. Popular colors are blue / green.

The manufacturer has a warranty period of 2 years