Plastic dry closet Luxury

Technical data:
Polyethylene strength: 300 kg / sm²
Height: 2.2 m
Width: 1.1 m
Depth: 1.2 m
Weight: 75 kg
Storage tank volume: 250 l
Assembled: 2.8 m³
Unassembled: 1.3 m³
Number of seats: 1 local

• Exhaust pipe
• Internal valve
• Shackles for the castle
• Paper holder
• Towel holder
• Liquid soap dispenser
• Coat hook
• Foot-operated washbasin (30 liters)
• Padded seat with cover
• Mirror

Additional services:

Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event

Rental period from 1 day.

— Photo —

— Rent a plastic toilet cabin Suite —

The advantage of mobile toilets is compactness and affordable rental cost. Additionally, a comfortably equipped cabin with an aesthetic view from inside and outside is taken into account. Toilets can be installed:
• On small venues where corporate parties are held;
• On the streets where public events are organized;
• In places where large crowds are planned.

Such of the Lux series are suitable for any urban exterior and are highly resistant to mechanical damage. This is possible thanks to the use of impact-resistant plastic, which easily withstands a force of 300 kg / cm², temperature changes and exposure to direct sunlight.

• The front panel of the cab is double.
• The door is hung on piano hinges, which completely eliminates the fact of its sagging.
• The roof has a gable shape and is made of white plastic, which partially transmits sunlight. The last condition allows you to not turn on the light bulbs in the cab during the day.
• The storage tank is made using advanced technology. The capacity is not only stably mounted, but is quite durable.

The dimensions of the model are 2.2 and 1.1 m in height and width, respectively. According to the depth of the design, the Lux series are manufactured with a parameter of 1.2 m, and the storage tank volume is 250 liters.

— Toilet Options —

The model is offered as standard, and may also have additional equipment. Due to the ability to select equipment options, the cabin becomes comfortable and fits the operating conditions in a particular place.

Additional equipment includes:
• Soft seat that can be covered with a lid;
• Mirror in a plastic frame;
• A washbasin made entirely of plastic and equipped with a foot pump;
• Paper towel holder;
• Dispenser in which we pour liquid