Mobile toilet cabins standard

Technical data:
Area: 8 m2.
Patency: 150-200 people
Length: 4000 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 3000 mm
Mains voltage: 220 V
Total power consumption: 7 kW
Acceptance tank volume: 500 liters
Water tank volume: 500 liters
Operating temperature range: -30 ° to + 45 °
Weight: 1,5 – 2 tons

• Original design of male and female room (decoration – Austria)
• Hi-tech lighting
• Illuminated Mirrors
• Background music (MP3 player)
• Air conditioning system (USA)
• Heating System (France)

• 2 separate rooms with independent entrances
• 2 toilets (with the lowest water consumption – USA)
• 2 washbasins
• 2 hand dryers
• Automatic air fresheners
• Toilet paper, soap foam.

Additional services:

Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event

Rental period from 1 day.

— Photo —

— Rent economy toilets for the event —

The manufacturer of toilet modules company ExpressWC offers to rent economy toilets of the STANDARD series, which are perfect for holding small events or holidays, without overpaying for design solutions or spacious waste tanks and with clean water. Often this version of the module is taken for staff who work at the event.

The module has two separate entrances and rooms, which can be divided into male and female parts. Completely autonomous and independent operation from centralized sewers allows you to use the toilet on almost any site.

— Standart Budget Toilet Features —

Inside the booth there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay of visitors. 2 toilets, 2 washbasins, 2 hand dryers, toilet paper, soap foam and automatic air fresheners. It is worth noting the presence of a built-in mp3 player, which will allow you to download any music that matches the theme of the event. The lighting inside is made in Hi-Tech style, the mirrors are equipped with a backlight system. And thanks to the lining of thermal insulation materials and air conditioning systems (USA) and heating (France), this toilet can be used in any weather from -30 ° to + 45 °.

Patency is approximately 150-200 people per event, after which you can clean the tank of sewage, replenish the tanks with technical water (volume 500 liters) and reuse the toilet.

— Branding of mobile toilets of the Standart series —

Toilet modules are available in white, which allows you to put your images on the cab body. We can sheathe or paste banners with the logo of your company or brand. Technical conditions and the cost of branding can be discussed with a personal manager before placing an order.