Mobile toilet cabins black micro

Area: 8 m2.
Patency: 250-300 people
Length: 4000 mm
Width: excluding stairs 2400 mm
Height: 3500 mm
Mains voltage: 220 V
Total power consumption: 7 kW
Acceptance tank volume: 1000 liters
Water tank: 1000 liter
Operating Temperature: Range From -30 ° to + 45 °
Weight: 1.5 – 2 tons
Colour: Black
Number of places: 2-seater

• Original design of male and female room (decoration – Austria)
• Hi-tech lighting
• Illuminated Mirrors
• Background music (MP3 player)
• Air conditioning system (USA)
• Heating System (France)

• 2 separate rooms with independent entrances
• 2 toilets (with the lowest water consumption – USA)
• 2 washbasins
• 2 hand dryers
• Automatic air fresheners

Additional services:
Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event.

Rental period from 1 day.

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— Toilets for status events —

The company ExpressWC offers you to rent mobile toilets Black Micro series manufactured in Russia. These are classic toilet cubicles that are suitable for status events, such as conferences, business forums, political meetings. Due to the ability to work autonomously, you do not have to look for sites equipped with centralized sewage and water supply.

The modules have 2 separate entrances to isolated rooms for men and women, which are equipped with toilets, wash basins and hand dryers. The interior of the toilets has a restrained style without bright decor elements and is equipped with hi-tech lighting and air conditioning (manufactured in the USA) and heating (made in France). Consumables such as toilet paper, air fresheners, soap foam are included.

Black Micro toilets are weatherproof and can be used in the winter to -30 ° due to internal and external thermal insulation. An additional heating of the water tanks is carried out. The technical parameters of the toilet allow serving up to 300 visitors at the event. After filling, the tank can be drained (the cost is negotiated separately). The tanks themselves are equipped with batch discharge, which allows you to save water.