Mobile toilet cabins big VIP

Technical data:
Square: 12 m2
Patency: from 150 people / hour
Length: 6200 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 3500 mm
Mains voltage: 220 V
Total power consumption: 7 kW
Acceptance tank volume: 4 tons
The volume of the tank with water: 2 tons
Operating temperature range: -30 ° to + 45 °
Weight: 2.5 tons
Colour: Gold

VIP toilets interior:
• Original design of male and female room (decoration – Austria)
 Hi-tech lighting
 Large mirrors with backlight
 Background music (MP3 player)
 Air conditioning system (USA)
 Heating System (France)

• Two separate rooms with independent entrances
• 4 toilets (with the lowest water consumption – USA)
• 3 urinals
• 4 washbasins
• 2 hand dryers
• 2 small makeup mirrors in the female room
• Automatic air fresheners
• Toilet paper, soap foam, hand towels

Additional services:

installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event

— Photos Ladies / Female VIP toilet —

— Photos Gents / Male VIP toilet —

Every day, thousands of events are organized in cities, construction sites are organized, and gas stations open. However, it does not always make sense to purchase a toilet unit. In many cases, renting plastic dry closets is considered more appropriate. However, in each case, the requirements for sanitary conditions are different.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of plastic toilet cabins, so you can always choose the model that is most adapted to certain operating conditions. When carrying out corporate parties, organizing shootings or concerts, renting VIP toilets will be an indispensable service. This level of products differs markedly from the usual street city booths.

High quality interior decoration and plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, as well as noise insulation are the main advantages of mobile vip dry closets, the rental of which solves many problems.

Even the most demanding guests will be able to appreciate the event if they can use a clean toilet suite module, which has everything you need. The possibility of renting mobile toilet stalls usually includes their maintenance, which significantly saves time and money.

Favorable rental of premium toilets will allow you to quickly resolve the issue of hygiene where there is no necessary infrastructure. Mobile blocks will please with clean and spacious compartments, and at the end of the period of need they will be quickly and accurately removed from the territory.