Mobile showers

Technical data:
Area: 15 m2
Length: 6000 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height from a floor of: 2100 mm
Mains voltage: 220 V
Total power consumption: 5 kW
Acceptance tank volume: 3 tons
Water tank volume: 1.5 tons
Operating temperature range: -30 ° to + 45 °
Weight: 2 tons
Number of seats: 1 local

The interior of the shower:
• Design
• Toiletries
• Illuminated Makeup Mirror

• 2 washbasins
• 5 showers
• 2 heating appliances
• External decoration
• Hair dryer

Additional services:

Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event.

Shower rental period from 1 day.

— Photo —

— Rent showers for any event —

Maks company offers to rent modular showers for various events in Baku, all cities of Azerbaijan and will be in demand, for example:
• sports
• tent camps
• construction sites
• music festivals
• city events
• cottages
• parking lots
• warehouses
• car washes.

The complex consists of 5 separate shower compartments, divided into 2 zones. If desired, can be divided into male and female parts. Inside there are sinks, mirrors and coat hooks. Consumables include toilet paper, shampoo, hair balm and paper towels.

Mobile showers are equipped with a tank with clean water (1.5 tons) and waste tanks (3 tons). The cabins are completely autonomous due to the possibility of connecting a generator, which allows them to be used in conditions with limited access or a complete lack of electricity, water and sewage.

At the same time, it is also possible to connect to the engineering networks of sewage and water, which makes the operating time of the shower cabin uninterrupted. Please note that the use of local networks is paid separately (work + tariffing) in favor of the lessor, so our experts can pre-travel to the venue and suggest the most effective way to connect.

— Heated showers in winter —

All our modules with a shower can maintain a comfortable temperature and work in winter thanks to electric heaters, external frost-resistant materials and internal insulation Penoplex.
This allows you to ensure fully functional operation up to -35 ° C degrees (taking into account the maintenance of the internal temperature to + 28 ° C degrees). Rental of heated shower cabins in Baku is available year-round.