Maks toilet cabin (yellow)

Technical data:

Colour: yellow
Height: 2.25 m
Length: 1m
Width: 1m
Weight: 67 kg
Storage tank volume: 250 l
Number of seats: 1 local

• Paper holder
• Ventilation tube
• Internal valve
• Exhaust pipe
• Coat hook
• Storage tank with seat and lid
• Padlock hinges

Additional services:
Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event

— Photo —

— Rent a yellow plastic Toypek toilet —

They are suitable for organizing public events or construction projects. The simplicity of their operation allows you to put latrines everywhere where there is a need for them. Each cabin is made according to safety requirements, but at the same time it is not without home comfort. Main advantages:
The bright color of the plastic panels increases the safety of the toilet at construction sites;
• The main load-bearing elements are reinforced with shockproof composite materials – multiple transportation is allowed;
• Each damaged part of the cab can be replaced in minutes;
• A reliable lock keeps the door from being accidentally opened, and the located color indicators allow you to immediately understand: the restroom is busy or free;
• The receiving tank has a soft lid that tightly closes it, eliminating the penetration of an unpleasant odor.

— Maks toilet features —

250 l main intake tank Such a volume is considered optimal for providing mass establishments with a restroom, which can be used by several hundred people. Construction sites receive the opportunity to clean sewage only once every few weeks.

The yellow Toypek cabin weighs 67 kg. If necessary, it can be transported directly to the facility by several workers. The main transportation is carried out on small vehicles, because the design is disassembled into 10 basic elements.

The height is sufficient for most people 2.25 m. The width and length is 1 m. The compact size does not greatly affect the comfort of visitors.

— Interior equipment —

The convenience of people in Toypek cabs is ensured by the following trifles:
• Ventilation to remove odors;
• Paper holder;
• For outerwear there are hooks;
• Hinges are made under the padlock;
• Simple but functional door lock;
• Plastic tray under the legs.
The yellow cab is manufactured by the manufacturer with a 2-year warranty.