Maks toilet cabin (red)

Technical data:
Color: red
Height: 2.25 m
Length: 1 m
Wide: 1 m
Weight: 67 kg
Seats: 1 local
Storage tank volume: 250 l

• Paper holder
• Ventilation tube
• Internal valve
• Exhaust pipe
• Coat hook
• Storage tank with seat and lid
• Padlock hinges

Additional services:
Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event
Rental period from 1 day.

— Photo —

— Rent a red plastic toilet cubicle —

If you are the organizer of an event with a large number of people, or the owner of a large construction company, or you have an ordinary summer cottage – a rented Maks toilet cabin will easily solve all hygiene needs, and after the event / construction / summer season you don’t have to rack your brains, where to adapt it, but simply return it to the landlord.

Practical plastic waterproof pallet, which is installed in Maks and undoubtedly superior in its properties to wood pallets, is much better and more durable in functionality.

The receiving tank of the Maks plastic toilet is equipped with a receiving tank with a wider opening, and the sagging of the anti-vandal door securely fixed along the entire length is completely eliminated. The door is equipped with a busy-free locking information device convenient for visitors. The basic equipment of a mobile toilet cabin includes:
• Ventilation tube;
• Exhaust pipe;
• Padlock hinges;
• Internal valve;
• Storage tank equipped with a lid and a seat;
• Paper holder;
• Hook for outerwear.

Maks toilet cabins are made in four color options: red, green, blue and yellow, the height is 2.25 m., The length and width of the cabins are the same and 1 m., Weight – 67 kg, while the convenient and practical profile ribs located on the side panel, they allow you to conveniently grab the MTK and move it even alone. The storage tank has a sufficient volume of 250 liters.