Maks toilet cabin (green)

Technical data:
Color: blue, green, red, yellow
Height: 2.25 m
Length: 1 m
Wide: 1 m
Weight: 67 kg
Storage tank volume: 250 l
Number of seats: 1 seater

• Paper holder
• Ventilation tube
• Internal valve
• Exhaust pipe
• Coat hook
• Storage tank with seat and lid
• Padlock hinges

Additional services:
Installation, dismantling, refueling, technician, cleaner at the event
Rental period from 1 day.

— Photo —

— Maks Toilet Cabin Benefits —

• For its installation there is no need to build a complex foundation;
• The material from which the cab and the pallet are made is wear-resistant and durable. This plastic is resistant to temperature fluctuations, it can be operated even in difficult climatic conditions;
• Due to the fact that the door has several fasteners along the entire length, it does not sag over time;
• For the convenience of users, the door is equipped with a special lock with an indicator that indicates whether the toilet cubicle is busy or empty;
• A fully assembled cabin is lightweight, which allows you to move it from place to place, using only physical strength, without involving equipment. Its weight is only 67 kg .;
• Easy assembly. Installation of the cabin does not require skills and the availability of a special tool. Even a person without experience can easily assemble or disassemble it;
• A large volume of the storage tank (250 liters);
• It is convenient for use by people with big growth (height of a cabin 2,25 meters);
• A guarantee is provided on the cab.