İnşaat xətti duş konteyneri

Construction Line shower container – the clean solution

In places where people engage in hard physical work, functional and heated shower rooms are indispensable. Our Construction Line shower containers with separate corridor have been designed to cater to the specific needs of the men and women who work on building sites, enabling them to shower the whole year through.

Space has been utilized to the maximum here: users can deposit their clothes and bags in a separate entrance area. A door then leads through to the washroom area which includes five showers, each divided by a shower curtain, and four wash basins. As with all products from the Construction Line range, impeccable hygiene standards are guaranteed. All of our sanitary containers are cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom before and after every deployment. Thanks to hard-wearing, no-frills surfaces, daily cleaning is also simplicity itself.

With standard dimensions and exterior doors on three sides, the shower container can adapt to different conditions at building sites, and can be combined with construction containers, office containers, and other sanitary containers virtually at will.

Nəzərə alınmalıdır

  • Su, kanalizasiya və elektrik bağlantısı (400 V / 32 A) tələb olunur
  • Tullantı sularının atılmas
  • İstəyə görə sevis xidməti


Texniki məlumat

Uzunluq: 6,058 mm
Genişlik: 2,438 mm
Boy: 2.791 mm
Güc: 400 V / 32 A
Su: 2 x 3/4 “GEKA muftaları
Kanalizasiya: 2 x NW 100 HT borular



  • Sabun paylayıcılar
  • Kağız dəsmal tutucular
  • 4 yuma hövzəsi
  • 5 duş
  • 1 qızdırıcı, 2 kVt
  • 1 x 400 litrlik qazan