Строительный душевой контейнер Maxi

Construction Line shower container Maxi– 14 comfortable showers

Construction Line Maxi shower containers were designed specifically for the special needs at big events. Up to 14 people can shower simultaneously in the compactly sized shower cubicles. Each has its own door to ensure maximum privacy.

And there’s more to this 20-ft container than meets the eye: seven separate shower cubicles line each of the two long sides of the Construction Line module. Besides the shower itself, each cubicle also includes an additional shower curtain and a small, integrated wash basin to fully utilize the available space.

If you’re organizing an event, Maxi shower containers enable you to offer visitors a practical and convenient solution for showering – with a surprising amount of comfort, given the small dimensions! In order to ensure hot water is available in all 14 showers, a separate mobile water heater unit is required. On request, we’ll be happy to not only deliver the shower container, but also connect it to the utility network so that it’s immediately ready for use. The simplest and fastest solution!

– Необходимо расположение на наземном уровне требуется
– Подключение пресной воды, канализации и электричества (400 В / 32 А)
*Дополнительно: наши обученные персоналы могут подключать трубы


Технические данные

Длина: 6058 мм
Ширина: 2438 мм
Высота: 2791 мм
Электропитание: 400 В / 32 А
Пресная вода: 2 х 3/4 “муфты GEKA
Канализация: 2 трубы NW 100 HT



  • 7 умывальников
  • 7 душевых


  • 7 умывальников
  • 7 душевых