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Maks Company
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Bottom Plates, Cable Fixtures, Consulting Service, Containers, Cranes, Cranes Elevating, Detergents, Diaphragms & Membranes, Earth Moving, Engineering, Floor Coverings, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Handling Operations, Hardware, Heating, Hot Water Supply: Equipment & Devices, Insulating Materials, Investment, Land Managament, Laundry, Lifts, Lifts: Production, Marble, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Pumps & Pumping Equipment, Racks, Railway Transport: Equipment, Railway Transport: Maintenance, Railway Transport: Research & Design, Reclamation Works, Repairing Equipment, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Road Construction, Robots & Manipulators, Saunas: Production, Spraying, Supports, Surface Cleaning: Equipment, Surface Coating, Warehousing, Winches, Access, Powered Access, Anticorrosive Protection, Materials & Equipment, Bridges, Construction & Repair, Building Equipment, Building Items, Structures & Semifinished Items, Building Materials: Border Stones, Carpets Cleaning, Carriages, Cleaning Services, Construction & Repairing Works, Design, Disinfectant & Deratization Agents, Doors, Furniture, Furniture: Office, Industrial & Special Purpose Furniture, Furniture: Production, Gas Network: Assembly, Maintenance, Operation, Gates, High-Altitude Operations, Hotel Equipment, House-Carriages, Household Appliances: Maintenance & Repair, Human Resources, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Landscape Improvement & Gardening, Lawn Mower, Metal Structures, Road & Road-Building Equipment, Surface Cleaning, Swimming Pools, Tools: Installation & Finishing Tools, Waggons, Water Treatment, Water Treatment: Equipment, Materials & Technology, Water-Development Projects, Water-Supply & Sewerage System: Maintenance Of Water Piperline Networks & Equipment, Water-Supply: Design & Construction, Welding, Wooden Products & Building Constructions.