About us


20 years old Maks

Anniversary in 2016
in 2016 Maks Company proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company was founded in 1995 by Kamran Mamedov, who believed in the future of the Maks company, relying on his vision and the high spirit of the entrepreneur. He said: “Our philosophy is simple.” – If we want to be successful, we must be committed to our success, since this is the key, from all the doors …

This trend continued and became one of the main cultural elements of the future of the company Maks. Today the company has become one of the most advanced industry leaders in the region and enjoys a strong position in the market. Every day from the day, the company was founded, Maks develops ideas and continuously focuses on innovations and services, while providing better services to customers and the conditions in which we operate.

Kamran Mammadov, CEO of Maks, said: “We have fortunate to have strong personalities, as part of our team, and in 2016 we intend to celebrate our success.

A series of events.
To celebrate this remarkable event in the history of Maks, we organize a series of events and celebrate it with our employees and respected customers, business partners and friends of one large family. We are open to feedback and are looking for the best ways to serve your needs.


Our goal and basic principles

The company “Maks” provides construction of the coastal, marine, oil and gas industry, as well as the construction and modernization of facilities.

The purpose of the Regulation on the quality policy is the performance of contractual obligations in terms of quality, cost and software. We simplify work with new and existing customers, and we constantly work on the quality of our services.


One of the key factors is always the responsibility and quality of each. Continuous improvement requires high quality, management.

We organize trainings for the company to raise all our employees and complete the implementation of each business. Thanks to the exercises, we must provide every opportunity to achieve our goals in the framework of development programs.

Company Profile

  • 25 partners of the company;
  • 20 years of work experience;
  • Activities in 2 countries;
  • 280 experts;
  • 15 architects;
  • 20 engineers;
  • 55 other specialists;
  • More than 100 Projects;

Our employees

The company employs more than 320 people in various specialties. Qualified engineers with more than 20 years of experience, as well as young people who have been trained for years. The desire of our employees to work with a healthy spirit, plays an important role in the successful development of the company.

All employees have high qualifications and knowledge of foreign languages. They also have international certificates and knowledge in the field of security.

Taking into account the constantly changing market, continuous training is required for the development of all our employees. Thus, our company pays special attention to the teaching staff and their professional development, so success is always with us!