Maks Company

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Modular Buildings to Rent or Buy

Maks Containers


Modular space and secure storage solutions

Maks Villa


Construction of houses and cottages

Maks Tents


Rent, sale and maintenance of tents

Maks Rent


Rent and sale of equipment



Catering, cleaning, transportation

Maks Events


Organization and holding of events

1. Technical Operations

2. Consulting and Concepts

3. Refrigeration & Airconditioning

4. Energy Management

1. Catering for Children

2. Catering for Students

3. Staff Catering

4. Catering for Everyone

Maks Company
Local Company, World standarts

Bottom Plates, Cable Fixtures, Consulting Service, Containers, Cranes, Cranes Elevating, Detergents, Diaphragms & Membranes, Earth Moving, Engineering, Floor Coverings, Handing, Lifting, Haulage Equipment, Handling Operations, Hardware, Heating, Hot Water Supply: Equipment & Devices, Insulating Materials, Investment, Land Managament, Laundry, Lifts, Lifts: Production, Marble, Oil & Gas Industry: Design & Construction, Pumps & Pumping Equipment, Racks, Railway Transport: Equipment, Railway Transport: Maintenance, Railway Transport: Research & Design, Reclamation Works, Repairing Equipment, Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies, Organizations & Joint-Ventures, Road Construction, Robots & Manipulators, Saunas: Production, Spraying, Supports, Surface Cleaning: Equipment, Surface Coating, Warehousing, Winches, Access, Powered Access, Anticorrosive Protection, Materials & Equipment, Bridges, Construction & Repair, Building Equipment, Building Items, Structures & Semifinished Items, Building Materials: Border Stones, Carpets Cleaning, Carriages, Cleaning Services, Construction & Repairing Works, Design, Disinfectant & Deratization Agents, Doors, Furniture, Furniture: Office, Industrial & Special Purpose Furniture, Furniture: Production, Gas Network: Assembly, Maintenance, Operation, Gates, High-Altitude Operations, Hotel Equipment, House-Carriages, Household Appliances: Maintenance & Repair, Human Resources, Industrial & Civil Engineering Design, Landscape Improvement & Gardening, Lawn Mower, Metal Structures, Road & Road-Building Equipment, Surface Cleaning, Swimming Pools, Tools: Installation & Finishing Tools, Waggons, Water Treatment, Water Treatment: Equipment, Materials & Technology, Water-Development Projects, Water-Supply & Sewerage System: Maintenance Of Water Piperline Networks & Equipment, Water-Supply: Design & Construction, Welding, Wooden Products & Building Constructions.